Kaori Naito


Name: Kaori Naito (K-OW-REE NAI-TOE)
Character Alias: IGN: Maki
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birth Month: Fall
Height: 4 Feet, 10 Inches
Occupation/Job/Role: Student, Art Club


Intelligence ★★
Emotion ★★★★★
Charisma ★★★
Luck ★★★★

Personality Description: Kaori is one of the youngest in the group(?). She was sickly as a child which lead to her parents homeschooling her up until she entered high school. What she lacks in strength she makes up for in luck! She's very in tune with
her own feelings as well as the feelings of those around her. Kaori has a love for painting which is why she joined the art club. She might be small in stature but when someone she cares about is in need, she won't back down. She has fujoshi tendencies but she keeps that a secret. Kaori lives in a traditional Japanese house and her parents are somewhat old-fashioned, often wearing robes(?kimono?).
Most would describe her as a "Yamato Nadeshiko", caring, hard-working, weird (when she spaces out),


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